Is LIFEWTR Good For You? (Reviewed & Dissected)

So, I won’t lie. A few months ago, I was at the gas station and very dehydrated after playing some basketball. I saw this beautiful-looking water bottle with an even more majestic name, “LIFEWTR.”

Wow. Life water – must be incredible. Without thinking twice, I was sold. And I won’t lie; I kept buying it without even second-guessing things.

So that’s why I wrote this article. Figured I might as well do some digging. I mean, is LIFEWTR really that much better for you than other waters out there? The bottle looks really cool, but does it really provide any kind of health benefits? So I got to researching.

Keep reading to find out if this magical-sounding (and looking) water bottle is worth its weight.

What’s So Special About LIFEWTR?

To start, let’s look at the bottle and dissect each claim they make. There’s the pH level, purified water label, and “electrolytes added for taste.” Let’s start with the pH level.

PH Balanced

So let’s discuss the pH-balanced claim. That must be a good thing, right? Well, according to their website, the pH level of LIFEWTR ranges between 6.4 to 7.4. According to Medical News Today, tap water ranges between 6.5 and 8.5. So what does this all mean?

Essentially, LIFE WTR’s pH range is slightly lower than the average pH range of tap water, meaning it’s slightly less acidic (or more neutral than alkaline). Is this a bad thing? Not really.

So is there a benefit to having your water in a pH range between 6.4 to 7.4, as opposed to 8.5? Again, not necessarily. 

Purified Water

Secondly, they mention that their water is purified. This means it has gone through a process to remove impurities, like bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. But what exactly does that mean?

Typically, purified water is made through a multi-step process that includes filtration, reverse osmosis, and deionization. LIFEWTR uses reverse osmosis. This is a process used to make sure the water is clean and safe to drink. It’s also important to note that purified water is not necessarily better than regular tap water, as both can be safe to drink.

So what’s the benefit of purified bottled water over tap water, then? I’m not really sure, to be honest. As a matter of fact, tap water has more stringent safety requirements than bottled water.

Electrolytes Added For Taste

Lastly, there are the “electrolytes added for taste” claim. Electrolytes are essential minerals, such as calcium, potassium, and sodium, that help with hydration and muscle function.

In the case of LIFEWTR, they use a combination of magnesium sulfate and potassium bicarbonate. Sounds delicious, right?

Well, here’s the thing. These additives are actually ALREADY naturally found in water, but the purification process removes it all. And this is not unique to LIFEWTR; essentially, all purified bottled water companies do the same thing.

They simply add these back to give a bit of taste back to the water (otherwise, there would be pretty much no flavor to the water.)

The LIFEWTR bottle, in all it’s full glory.

So Is LIFEWTR good for you?

Once you look past the fancy artwork and the cool branding, it’s simply regular bottled water. 

As far as the health benefits of LIFEWTR, there isn’t much to be said – it’s water. However, what is important to note is that bottled water, when it comes to quality, is regulated and monitored by the FDA, making it a safe choice. The filtration process is designed to remove unwanted impurities, such as bacteria and chemicals, and the added electrolytes are then added to provide a pleasant taste.

At the end of the day, the choice of drinking LIFEWTR over another bottled water, like Dasani (both owned by Coca-Cola, by the way), or tap water is a personal preference.

However, you should be aware of the potential environmental impacts of using bottled water. Ultimately, it is important to weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision about what type of water you want to drink. For example, if you are looking for convenience, bottled water might be a good choice. But if you are looking for a more sustainable and economical option, tap water and reusing bottles are obviously the better choices.

Does LIFEWTR Have Any Added Flavor?

The answer is no. LIFEWTR does not have any added flavor. The minerals that are naturally found in water, such as calcium and magnesium, give it a slightly sweet taste. But that’s it. The minerals are not added to enhance the flavor, but rather to make it more palatable.

They are beneficial to our health, as they help with hydration, and they also add some nutritional value to the water. That being said, don’t expect any added flavor when drinking LIFEWTR.


Ultimately, LIFEWTR is a refreshing and safe choice, but there are several other bottled water companies that pretty much offer the same exact thing. The difference, really, is just in the marketing.

And one last thing I wanted to repeat, it is important to remember that there are environmental implications to using bottled water, so if you really don’t need to buy a bottle, then don’t. You won’t be missing out on a magical experience (no matter how cool the bottle looks.)

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